Michael E. Jewell graduated from Brigham Young University Law School and has been a practicing attorney for more than twenty years.  He sat on the Board of Directors for New Vista School (a private school for special needs children located in Laguna Hills, California) for over ten years.

His experience in special education law includes representing parents of children with all types of disabilities, from autism through specific learning disability and traumatic brain injury.  He has represented parents throughout the State of California, including parents in Los Angeles County, Marin County, Orange County, Riverside County, Sacramento County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, and Ventura County.  He has presented to parent groups, graduate students, and professional groups.  He was a presenter at the Orange County Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatricians 2018 School Health Conference.  He has extensive litigation experience, having represented families at mediation, in due process hearings, and in the United States District Court.  Mr. Jewell has argued before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  He is the author of a chapter in the Handbook of Long Term Care of The Childhood Cancer Survivor, Grace A. Mucci and Lilibeth R. Torno editors (2015) Springer.

Mr. Jewell’s experience in business and employment law includes working with small companies, partnerships, limited liability companies, and large companies.  He has represented clients in wage claims, harassment claims, discrimination claims, contract issues, and intellectual property issues.  Mr. Jewell has presented to business owners on business issues and employment matters.  He has experience with the California Labor Commissioner and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.  He has advised clients on employment matters, helping them prepare employee handbooks and addressing a variety of employment issues.  He has represented businesses in both federal court and state court in California, as well as in federal courts in other states.

Mr. Jewell is fluent in Spanish.