Special Education

At the Law Offices of Michael E. Jewell, APLC, we believe every child has skills and talents which must be nurtured. We have devoted our practice to helping families with special needs children obtain the services they need to meet their full potential.

As a leading education law firm, we have significant expertise in helping clients find educational solutions for their children. Our legal practice focuses on representing parents in a wide range of issues including:

Solving Placement Issues

Advocating for Parents in IEP Meetings

Locating appropriate programs and services for children

Filing Compliance Complaints

Representing Parents in Mediation and in Due Process Hearings

Litigating Special Education Matters in Court

Our experience and diverse client base allows us to provide legal services efficiently and cost effectively.  Since every child is unique, there is no such thing as a typical solution.  We take the time to learn each client’s priorities.  Then we apply our expertise and judgment to meet the client goals.

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